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The Dirty Little Secrets of Search

It seems not a week goes by without us being asked about SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, mostly from people who’ve attended seminars and heard people speaking at Chamber of Commerce meetings etc.

15 February 2011

Changes to Google Search

We reported back in April that Google’s Webmaster Central Blog had confirmed Google’s intention to factor page loading speed into its search ranking algorithms’.

06 December 2010

Accessibility myths in 2010

Five and a half years ago I posted an article about Accessibility myths and misconceptions where I tried to explain why some commonly held beliefs about web accessibility are incorrect. Early this year, Ian Pouncey posted a few other Web accessibility myths.

10 November 2010

Great article from Andy Rutledge on RFP’s

Andy Rutledge has written a great article – The Trouble with RFP’s in which he points out the shortcomings of submitting to RFP’s for freelancers and other web professionals. The article is written mainly for people looking to hire web professionals and is an excellent read not only in that it explains the shortcomings of hiring by RFP but also offers some sound advice on finding and hiring the right people for your job.

01 September 2009

Design and Loading Times Key in Website Success

A recent Webcopyplus online poll has revealed that almost 25% of web users surveyed indicated “poor visual presentation” along with 50.9% of users indicating “slow load times” were the main reasons to abandon a website. “Weak web copy” sat alongside design as a major factor.

05 June 2009

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