Is your website software up to date?

21 May 2013

I wrote earlier about the importance of keeping a regular backup of your website. Of equal importance is ensuring that your website’s Content Management System or CMS for short is kept up to date.

Clients often fail to realise that their website runs on software, usually comprising of a database and a set of files that allow the content management system to operate.

As with all software, content management systems are open to basic code faults and bugs in addition to potential security vulnerabilities. Hacked websites are a common problem with hosting accounts being used to send spam email, or worse, expose sensitive user data – often without the site owners being aware that there is a problem. Such instances can result in hosting companies taking your site offline until rectified.

If you think about how often your PC, Mac, iPad or iPhone prompt you to update your software? In the case of smartphones, you may have a list of apps to update every day…

In much the same way, content management systems are also regularly updated, providing bug fixes and plugging potential security vulnerabilities as well as speeding the system up and adding new features.

If you have a Propeller-built website, we will contact you from time to time and prompt you to have your website backed-up and the content management system updated.

We will always backup your website fully before performing any system updates and perform another backup afterwards so that we not only have a fallback copy incase something goes awry with the update process but we will also have a backup of the up to date website too.

The cost of a system update varies depending on the content management system your website uses and also if updates to any add-ons or plugins are required.

Compared to the cost to your business of having your website break down or hacked however; the cost of keeping your system backed up and up to date is minimal.

While we’re at it, why not take the opportunity to talk to us about any additions or changes you’d like to make to keep your website fresh.

Email or call us today on 07 3245 7776 to order a backup and update or to discuss putting a regular backup / update plan in place.

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