This is Marketing

And this is the story of how he lost his mojo...

in the beginning…

When the company was established, everyone spent a lot of time working with Marketing.  There were all kinds of exciting projects happening. He was at the top of his game. He felt great!

but then…

Mojo crying

Over time the others got busier and started to leave Marketing to his own devices. The sales team forgot about him and the company director was just too busy. Marketing started to feel neglected.

a brief fling

He had a brief relationship with the company Admin manager, but it didn’t work out... she said it was her, not him, but he wasn’t so sure.

a change of scene?

Someone suggested he take a trip to India where he’d be able to relax and recharge his batteries without spending too much money, but when he came back, he just wasn’t himself.

despair sets in

After a while he stopped working, he became slow and unmotivated, he just couldn’t go on. He sat around, surviving on cheap junk and re-living past glories.

all out of Mojo…

One day someone noticed that they hadn’t seen him in a while, they searched the office and eventually found him unresponsive in his cubicle. 

Marketing was all out of Mojo.

propeller to the rescue

No one knew what to do - they searched frantically for a way to revive him. 

Thankfully a clever consultant prescribed ‘Propeller’s Marketing Mojo’ and they quickly administered the first dose.

renewed hope

Marketing felt renewed hope... here was something he knew would help him on the road to recovery!

on the mend

Propeller nursed him back to full health, with regular workouts and a healthy diet...

After a few months people started noticing how great he was looking and wanted to know his secret.

renewed strength

As Marketing became healthier, the company grew stronger and the team was happy. 

They vowed never to neglect Marketing again!

Has your marketing lost it’s mojo?

Our Marketing Mojo program will get your marketing in tip-top shape while you watch your business grow.


Choose the program that best suits your needs. 

Each program offers an amount of time per month which you can spend with us however you choose... you can upgrade or downgrade your program to suit your needs*.


Depending on your location, we’ll either meet with you in person, organise a phone or Skype chat or email you our startup questionnaire. 

From this we will write up a comprehensive, tailored monthly action plan that will help your business get the most out of your program.


We’ll get to work implementing your program with regular contact with you 

to keep things on track.


Each month we’ll send you a progress report so you can see what awesome things we’ve achieved and what we need to do next.

* Plan changes require 30 days notice.

Three Simple Pricing Plans

Your own dedicated team of marketing and design professionals at your fingertips and you don’t even have to supply a water filter!

Where To From Here?

Feel free to give us a call, email, or use our contact form to discuss your project and how we can help you.

07 3245 7776

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