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Great article from Andy Rutledge on RFP’s

Andy Rutledge has written a great article – The Trouble with RFP’s in which he points out the shortcomings of submitting to RFP’s for freelancers and other web professionals. The article is written mainly for people looking to hire web professionals and is an excellent read not only in that it explains the shortcomings of hiring by RFP but also offers some sound advice on finding and hiring the right people for your job.

01 September 2009

Design and Loading Times Key in Website Success

A recent Webcopyplus online poll has revealed that almost 25% of web users surveyed indicated “poor visual presentation” along with 50.9% of users indicating “slow load times” were the main reasons to abandon a website. “Weak web copy” sat alongside design as a major factor.

05 June 2009

Improved linking practice

Whilst ‘click-here’ and ‘more >>’ may be fairly obvious to most web users, its’ certainly not best practice. It can be difficult to avoid…

25 February 2009

Web Standards: Where the ROI is

As proud and nationally recognised proponents of web standards, Propeller have been quietly basing all of our work on and occasionally loudly selling the many benefits of designing with web standards since our inception in 2004.

30 January 2009

Only 4.13% of the web’s code is valid!

A new study from Opera finds that the overwhelming majority of web sites don’t adequately support web standards. The good news is that compared to previous studies, more web sites are valid today than they were in previous years. The bad news is that just 4.13% of the URLs included in the studies sample size which was over 3.5 million web pages — passed the W3C validator.

03 November 2008

Interview with TXPQ Magazine

Excerpt from a recent interview I did with Peter Moulding from TXPQ magazine.

Damien Buckley is one half of Propeller Global, a one stop web & graphic design studio based in Brisbane, Australia that does advertising, brochures, business cards, copy writing, creative artwork, digital imaging, domain name registration, e-commerce, email marketing, flash animation, flyers, hosting, leaflets, logo design, packaging, point of sale, posters, print, stationery, shopify themes, web design and web hosting amongst other things

09 October 2008

Never let an ad agency near your website

By Gerry McGovern

The average advertising agency fundamentally doesn'€™t get the Web. Saatchi & Saatchi, BBDO Worldwide, J. Walter Thompson and Ogilvy are great advertising agencies. When it comes to managing their own websites, however, they are rank amateurs. They bring their print and TV thinking to the Web with embarrassing results.

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18 April 2008

Propeller at Web Directions South 2007

Having been shortlisted for the 2007 McFarlane Prize, Propeller packed up their mice and shut down their displays for the day and headed to Sydney for Web Directions South 2007.

Over 600 delegates attended WDS07 along with a raft of exhibitors and international speakers from all disciplines and areas of web design; Andy Clarke, Aaron Gustavson, and Chris Wilson to name but a few. The premier web conference in the Southern hemisphere, WDS07 is sponsored by Microsoft, Adobe, the W3C, Glass Onion and Wired Sky.

28 September 2007

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