The eight scams peddled by SEO consultants

05 November 2009

Given the amount of nonsense circulating and seminars on SEO reaching plague proportions out there at the moment this great article on scams peddled by SEO consultants by Lucio Ribeiro couldn’t have come at a better time.

ALL website owners considering a new website or embarking on a search marketing campaign should read this and consider it carefully. Of particular note is #8 – “We guarantee page 1 rankings”. As Lucio correctly points out – no one can guarantee this – no one – not even a well known national chain with a colourful cartoon style character with billboards springing up left and right claiming just this very thing.

Propeller have built and assisted our clients in bringing to the web numerous high ranking websites – some which rank #1 on Google for numerous keywords relevant to their business, but we make no claims regarding guaranteed search rank – as this is simply not attainable. We can do our best and we can certainly build you a high quality, well coded, search engine friendly website but the rest is open to the market and of course your competition.

Take the time to read Lucio’s article and also consider this gem of a tweet from the Godfather of web standards, Jeffrey Zeldman…

“Client who saves $5,000 buying cut-rate non-semantic HTML will later spend $25,000 on SEO consultant to compensate”.

Couldnt have said it better myself.

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