Why You Need A Solid Backup Strategy

18 February 2016

I came across this article this morning and it was the headline that caught me,

Today DigitalOcean lost our entire server

Its worth reading and giving some consideration to what you where you stand in the event of something like this occurring. In particular;

Think about this for a minute: what are you going to do when one of your servers would disappear right now? I hope you take away from this story that you should always backup your servers. A hardware failure can happen at any given moment. Do not solely rely on backups from your own provider. Take your own backups as well.

I know its not a sexy subject but it is one we at Propeller will keep banging on about as it is something a lot of clients just don’t take seriously. It may well be the case that your hosting company runs internal backups nightly but what if that goes awry or something else happens with the hosting company.

One of my fellow ExpressionEngine developers in the UK tweeted this just last week;

The video Mark links to is from another web developer who went on a NSFW rant about Heart Internet who, following some technical issues, had ‘gone dark’ leaving users and their developers lost at sea for days.

Whatever your hosting company provides, there is no substitute for multiple redundant backups. Propeller offer one-off or scheduled backups in addition to our monthly maintenance plans which include full file and database backups to either local storage or Amazon S3 cloud storage.

In the event of an outage with your host or something else going horribly wrong, this gives us the capability to restore and get your site back up and running elsewhere in as short a timeframe as possible.

If you would like any advice about backups or other website maintenance, please get in touch. We’re always happy to hear from you.

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