Hillman Meat Company Now Delivering

16 August 2016

Having built the original Hillman Meat Company website in 2010, when the time came to move into online sales, Hillman's knew Propeller would deliver.

Hillman Meat Company was formally established in 1992 by Paul and Brian Hillman.

In reality it has been a family business for over 6 generations. Before 1992, the business ran as a retail chain, Scottish Meats, in the 70's and 80's.

To take the business online, we ported Hillman's to the Shopify e-commerce platform, introduced some stock photography and gave the logo a refresh in-line with Hillmans' new online business branding. The store uses a local delivery app which allows customers to schedule their deliveries and allows Hillman's to restrict delivery areas in addition to scheduling appointments for in-store pickup.

Needless to say, working on this site left us continually hungry…

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