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PropellerMail Reloaded

With the re-launch of, Propeller have introduced major changes to the way we pitch, sell and operate our PropellerMail professional html email marketing service, providing a more streamlined application and payment process. Clients can now join for free…

02 June 2009

Single-click Email Testing

PropellerMail HTML email templates are tested across a wide range of email clients prior to use but you may like to check your campaigns to see how they perform prior to sending

01 May 2009

E-Mail Top Digital Marketing Tool

More popular than search, display or online video.
Major marketers worldwide use e-mail in their campaigns, according to The McKinsey Quarterly.

24 September 2007

Marketing and ROI

eMarketer reports that direct mail and e-mail had the highest return on investment of any target marketing method in 2006, according to Harte-Hanks’ “Target Marketing Priorities Analysis: 2007 Key Trends” study.

25 July 2007

Email Newsletters Are the Preferred Information Source for Small and Medium Businesses

If you are targeting small to medium businesses, a recent survey entitled Optimizing Email Newsletters for Small/Medium Businesses has some useful information for you.

According to the study of over 300 executives, email newsletters rank highly as sources of information, beating out websites and blogs, and matching print media for importance. A weekly or monthly newsletter was the preferred frequency, and ‘how to’ and product information the top content areas requested.

08 June 2007

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