Partner Focus - Exact Print

11 January 2017
Farzad Shabrokh of Exact Print with Xerox Digital Press

Propeller have been in the marketing business for well over a decade and prior to that, both myself and Renée worked in sales and public relations and have sat on the opposite side of the desk.

Over the years we have worked with dozens of printers, big and small and in some instances, it has been a poor experience; shoddy work, dodgy pricing, difficult and unhelpful prepress departments, impossible to use and expensive submission services... 

So if there's one thing we've learned in over 40 years of combined experience of working with marketing collateral is that your choice of printer can be absolutely critical. Without further ado, allow me to present Farzad Shabrokh of Exact Print, a Propeller Partner business for over a decade.

Exact Print, previously Shabrokh Printing has been operating in the Redlands for over 20 years, specialising in all forms of offset and digital printing. Farzad has kept Exact Print at the forefront of what is a cutthroat competitive industry by handling all parts of the process in-house, from prepress through printing to die-cutting, binding and embossing. Exact Print uphold very high quality standards by investing in and maintaining the latest, cutting-edge equipment such as the Xerox A3+ Digital Press pictured with Farzad above. In addition, Exact Print employ a 5 colour A2 offset press and a single-colour A3 press which is used for producing forms and docket books etc.

In addition to printing our own brochures and business cards, Farzad has printed Propeller-designed work for RFQ, Flying Arts, PugLove, Capalaba Central, Boat Style, the Horizon Foundation, Mineware, the AMCS, Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel, Euronatural and RedFest amongst others.

In all of this time we have never once had a poor quality job delivered. We've been able to work with Farzad directly through the prepress process and before prepress where we've been undertaking something a little different or unorthodox. Farzad has always been fantastic to deal with and generous with his time and knowledge and ensured that every job has gone out to ours and the clients' expectations.

If Propeller design it, Exact Print print it.

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