Why you shouldn’t DIY your Graphic Design

15 January 2019
Graphic Design

Why do you need to hire a professional graphic designer when you can use your trusty computer, or an online template to create your own marketing materials? Here's seven good reasons why you're better to hire a professional...

You want your look and brand to be unique

"Why blend in when you were born to stand out!"

If you're tempted to use a stock logo, clip art, or online flyer template - chances are someone else in a similar business is using the same and you'll end up looking just like your competitors! A professional graphic designer will take the time to create a brand presence that's uniquely yours and that people will remember. 

Consistency is key

If you're using clip art, stock logos and various online templates it's very easy to end up with a muddled message that doesn't give the professional, consistent look you want to convey.  Also, if your messages are always different, it's not going to stick in your customers mind.  Graphic designers are known to be particularly pernickety about these details (to the point of obsession), and will make sure your fonts, colours and images work together and stay on track, making your company communications look and feel consistently professional.

You don't have time

Business owners have a lot to juggle already, without adding to the burden by trying to figure out how to produce a brochure, website or business card.  If you're not super confident in doing your own marketing materials, chances are you'll put it off - even when you know it's something you really need.  Enlisting the help of a designer means the job will get done to a high standard and you can spend your time doing all the other things you need to do!

Your time is more valuable

So you've got a good idea of what you want it to look like, but by the time you've spent several hours wrangling that page layout software that came with your computer it's still not quite how you envisaged? Couldn't that time have been spent more productively? A designer can probably create something that meets or exceeds your expectations in a fraction of the time it would take you to DIY and you could use those several hours to follow up leads, make new connections or just take a much needed break!

You don't need the headaches

So you've put together a new flyer and sent it off to the printer.  When the printer comes back to you with problems that you didn't anticipate, fixing these or reprinting will take more time and money that you really don't want to spend! A professional graphic designer will know how to supply files to ensure they print out correctly, and will be on hand to sort out any problems should they arise.

A fresh eye can make a big difference

Designers are creative and love the challenge of making things look amazing.  By enlisting the help of a designer, you'll probably get a completely fresh perspective and new ideas to make your products or services look their best. Their designs will be able to showcase your brand in a more eye catching and polished way that will gain more attention from potential customers.

You'll have marketing materials you can be proud of

If you've tried to produce your own marketing materials and aren't quite happy with them, you'll be less likely to give them to potential customers.  If your brochure is out of date or doesn't quite have the right colour scheme, you might be more tempted to keep it behind the counter instead of displaying it. Hiring a graphic designer means you will be able to get the professional, polished look you want and will want to distribute your marketing materials far and wide!

If you've got a design project you'd like to get started on - don't delay! Get in touch, come round for a cuppa and a chat and we'll get it underway for you!

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