Web Standards: Where the ROI is

30 January 2009

As proud and nationally recognised proponents of web standards, Propeller have been quietly basing all of our work on and occasionally loudly selling the many benefits of designing with web standards since our inception in 2004.

For the uninitiated, web standards are a set of guidelines or recommendations set down by the World Wide Web Consortium to ensure and maintain quality in the construction and presentation of information on the web.

Whilst the use of web standards has many technical and accessibility advantages, there is a strong business case too.

In her recent article Web Standards: Where the ROI is web standards advocate Molly Holzschlag explains the value of Web Standards to business decision makers.

Among other advantages, Molly explains that the use of web standards can future proof your investment, bring efficiency to the management of your website and work wonders for your websites’ search engine optimisation.

All of our clients can rest easy in the knowledge that every website we’ve built has web standards at its core. For the new and interested, we’re more than happy to answer your questions about our principles and process and how we can apply web standards to benefit your business.

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