Top 100 Global Brands Named

02 August 2007

Coca-Cola again dominated this years’ list of the world’s Top 100 brands according to the BusinessWeek/Interbrand annual ranking of the 100 Best Global Brands (pdf).

Coca Cola ruled the roost with Microsoft, IBM, GE and Nokia rounding out the Top 5. The balance of the Top 10 included; Toyota, Intel, McDonald’s, Disney and Mercedes-Benz.

Fast climbers Google moved up from 24 to 20 while Toyota showed the biggest year on year improvement. Ford took a tumble from 30 down to 41 making it the biggest loser though remaining one of the world’s Top 100 brands I dont suppose is something to get too upset about.

We’re too busy created great logo’s for our clients to read the full report but I’m sure Propeller is in there somewhere wink

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