The Business Case for Web Standards

20 June 2007

As a web standards based developer we at Propeller can outline numerous advantages in applying best practices in building websites which meet current web standards; Accessibility, Search Engine Optimisation, Ease of Expansion and Future Proofing to name but a few. There are a whole host of business benefits in using web standards though if our client doesn’t understand the technology or the basis for the arguments, it can be a difficult message to communicate.

Luckily, Christian Heilmann started a web standards wiki to provide Web standards proponents with a wealth of good arguments for the use of web standards. The wiki includes not only arguments for the use of web standards but also counter-arguments – far better to have a balanced discussion.

Whilst the wiki is provided as a source of information for pro-standards designers it is also a great reference for clients to look to when considering whether to go with the pro-standards designers or look elsewhere.

We know that web standards provide a whole host of benefits to the website user and owner; faster page loading, lower hosting fees, improved search engine ranking etc etc but dont take out word for it, go check it out for yourself.

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