Monthly Website Maintenance Plans

28 September 2013

I’ve written previously about the importance of keeping your website’s software up to date and of having a backup plan. In a bid to make life easier Propeller have been gradually introducing our clients on an individual basis to tailored hosting and website maintenance plans.

Whilst we are more than happy to continue to offer separate annual hosting plans, in fact our hosting plans have just received a significant upgrade, alongside undertaking backups and website CMS upgrades on an as-required basis we are delighted to now offer a fantastic time and money saving program of tailored monthly hosting, backup and website maintenance plans.

Due to the fact that we offer three different hosting plans and for the past 9 years have provided fully custom-designed websites employing three different types of CMS, providing one fixed-price monthly solution is simply not possible. What we can offer however is a monthly plan tailored to suit your current hosting plan and the predicted upgrade / maintenance schedule for your CMS and website – all based on historical billings for performing these updates and maintenance over the past 9 years.

What is included?

All website maintenance plans, whether you use Textpattern or ExpressionEngine include the following:

  • cPanel Hosting package – as per your current hosting plan
  • Monthly Backups – files and database – backups are held on our machines and also uploaded to DropBox where clients are able to access and download them if required
  • Textpattern or ExpressionEngine CMS upgrades*
  • Add-on upgrades
  • Ongoing Technical Support including minor edits and changes to the site within the budgeted monthly hours.

The main benefits of having a monthly plan would be peace of mind of having a rolling hosting plan – no renewals to worry about, regular backups and keeping the system up to date as well as having access to ongoing technical support. Additionally you can balance your cashflow by spreading your hosting and maintenance costs evenly over a 12 month period. Our monthly plans are all geared towards fairly significant savings for our clients – our thankyou for your ongoing business.

What isn’t included?

Whilst we will include minor updates and edits where possible, in order to keep our plans as simple, transparent and cost-effective as possible, major changes to website design, structure or content is not included in the monthly maintenance plans. We welcome any enquiries and would be more than happy to quote should you wish to make any alterations to your website.

What if I have my own hosting or want to keep this separate?

No problem. Just let us know your preference and we’ll work out a plan to keep your website up to date without the hosting cost.

Will I always get the most recent version of my CMS?

*Due to the often unstable nature of bleeding-edge releases to CMS software we usually take a conservative approach in the releases we work with i.e. it is unlikely we will build with or upgrade your software using a major release such as ExpressionEngine 2.7.0 but will instead maintain the website at the most recent previous point-release such as 2.6.1 until the current version reaches a stable release such as 2.7.1.

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