Don’t let your Marketing lose its Mojo

12 June 2017
Marketing Mojo Down

I have a cold... one of those horrid little jobs that makes your head feel like it's full of cotton wool and sawdust. I realise I've succumbed because I've let myself get run down and have let the healthy habits (like going to the gym and eating those superfood salads) slide in favour of grabbing a quick bite of whatever and slobbing in front of the TV at the end of a busy day. In short, I've been prioritising other things to the detriment of my health, I've lost my mojo and now it's slowing me down.

Why am I telling you this? As I reflect on it, I realise that it is a good metaphor for what often happens with our business marketing... We start a new venture, or decide to revive our business and over the first few months spend most of our time building a solid client base.  We get a website, print brochures, send out emails and network like crazy.

As business grows, a shift takes place. Time once spent marketing is now devoted to servicing clients and closing deals. Spending time on marketing becomes a chore, the marketing loses its mojo and gets sick!

Of course, no one’s suggesting that you neglect clients. Good customer service is imperative in maintaining your business. But (like my exercise regime), time needs to be set aside for marketing. Otherwise, things can eventually slow down and stall.

So, how much time do you really need to spend marketing? It depends on the size and nature of your business, your target market and how voracious they are for your information!

Some marketers go so far as to say you should market daily, recommending you tweet, post to blogs, send out emails and visit social media sites every morning, noon and night. Others take a more casual, less intensive approach, reaching out to primary markets twice a month and secondary markets monthly or quarterly.

What's best?

You know your audience and business - if you have an ever-changing range of products, lots of events and/or plenty of information to share; then daily marketing makes sense, whereas businesses that offer one type of service or a limited, consistent range of products may only annoy their target audience by bombarding them with the same message every day. It's not so important how often you choose to market, as long as you’re still communicating regularly and consistently. Even when you have more business than you can handle, it’s a good practice to get into. Not doing so can leave your business feeling as sluggish as I do right now.

Ask yourself when was the last time you scheduled just an hour or two to do some marketing. If it’s been a while, open your calendar and pencil it in. If you're struggling to find time to do it yourself - we can help you!

Marketing Mojo!

A common frustration with many businesses is that they just can't find regular time for their marketing and that if/when they do, they find it difficult to write copy and content and put it together in a cohesive and consistent way. After talking to our own clients and unraveling this common quandary, we looked at all the current problems and solutions on offer and came up with a simple, cost effective resolution... Marketing Mojo.

How does it work?

Propeller can operate as your own internal marketing department, with a team of experts in marketing, public relations, copywriting, graphic design, email marketing, web development, and more to help you plan your marketing, keep your social media posts looking good, produce content for your blog or email newsletters, design flyers and more.  We have a range of 'Marketing Mojo' packages to suit your needs, from a few hours a month, through to a full service package.  If this sounds like something you need - give us a call and we can help you get your mojo back.

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