Curating your imagery: How pictures can boost your business

05 April 2017

They say a picture says 1000 words and in our visually saturated world, there’s never been a truer statement.

If you’ve ever flicked through your social media feeds and come across an image that really resonates with you, and then clicked through to the account and scrolled and scrolled through all their imagery and messaging, you’ve found an example of good image curation.

So how can you do this to build your brand’s following?

Create a consistent look

Ensure your images have a consistent look and feel. 

Use the same style of imagery, use the same camera angle, apply the same filter, use the same background/backdrop so that users can pick your style out of the crowd.

Decide on two or three image types (for example lookbook images, product shots and brand statements) and stick to the same style for each (for example, all of our SEO posts use a consistent template and the same goes for client testimonial posts and portfolio posts) so that viewers can easily identify it as yours.

Hello Fresh instagram
Above is an image from the Hello Fresh Instagram feed showing how the images are all shot in the same way with the same viewpoint to create an instantly recognisable style.

Be choosy

This goes hand in hand with creating a consistent look.  It’s ok to post a mixture of image types as long as they are chosen carefully to create the same look and feel and objective

Don’t be tempted to take a scattergun approach or ‘mix it up’ with a few random cat pictures (as much as I love a random cat picture), always ask yourself, does this look like our brand. Will people recognise it as us?

This builds brand loyalty with your followers, if they can count on you to reliably post the content that is of interest to them, they’ll keep coming back for more.

GoPro Instagram Feed
Here is a shot of GoPro’s Instagram feed all of which are all unique but all share the same feel and objective to make you want to go out and document your adventures.

Create a lifestyle story

To do this you must have a good knowledge of who your ideal customers are and what sort of lifestyle they aspire to.

Once you’ve worked this out, you can find images that resonate with these aspirations.  Your role here is to inspire, present an ideal world view for your followers and they’ll want to come back for more.

Megan Hess Instagram
Here’s a selection from illustrator Megan Hess’s Instagram feed which shows her carefully curated images featuring a mixture of her work and glimpses of her life behind the scenes.

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