Australian Marine Conservation Society - Sharkwater

08 May 2008

As keen scuba divers in our spare time, we at Propeller are passionate about the conservation of our amazing marine environment and are proud to support the Australian Marine Conservation Society where we can with some occasional graphic design work.

The AMCS is currently campaigning to save our precious sharks from becoming shark fin soup as the result of an alarming new proposal by the Queensland Government to establish a dedicated shark fin fishery in the Great Barrier Reef.

Much maligned sharks have been swimming in the oceans for over 400 million years and hold the key to survival of life on earth. These apex predators, help to control populations of prey species. Consequently, reducing the numbers of sharks may have significant and unpredictable impacts on other parts of the ecosystem.

Due to the increase in shark fishing, their numbers have declined by a staggering 90% and they are an extremely vulnerable group of species.

Earlier this week, the AMCS hosted an advanced screening of the film Sharkwater an amazing documentary that has won 22 international film awards. Sharkwater was filmed in 15 countries, visiting the most shark-rich waters of the world, exposing the exploitation and corruption surrounding the planet’s shark populations. Due for release on 15th May – it’s a must see for anyone who would like to find out more about sharks in general and learn about how important they are to the survival of the marine environment and of the environment as a whole.

We strongly encourage anyone who treasures our sharks and our seas to support the AMCS in their campaign.

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