Worldview for PropellerMail

30 March 2011

From humble beginnings back in 2004 PropellerMail has developed into an incredible e-marketing platform, first by providing real-time campaign metrics, later adding the ability to create and send your own campaigns and then the opportunity to perform one-click spam and proof testing. Most recently we introduced Social Sharing allowing you to integrate your email marketing campaigns with Facebook and Twitter – right from your admin account.

Today however we are introducing a feature which rewrites the rules and will change how you use and view the platform forever.

Whilst we’ve always given you the ability to see where your subscribers were, even drilling down to individual suburbs, imagine if you could actually SEE them on a map.

Enter WorldView

Every time you send a campaign, we’ll show you which of your subscribers are opening it, clicking links, forwarding it to their friends, liking it on Facebook or Tweeting it – in real-time, on a map.

World View

WorldView Full-screen

With a single click, take WorldView full-screen – remove all the distractions and watch the pins drop as your subscribers interact with your newsletter.

World View

Share it with the world

Whilst the private version shows your subscribers details – name, email address and if shared with social networking, an avatar, we also have a public version which includes activity – open, click, Facebook ‘Like’ or Tweet, without your subscribers details.

World View Share

Free with every campaign you send

WorldView is live and available now with every campaign you send. Dont wait – login today and give WorldView a workout! Just one more reason PropellerMail keeps you at the top of the e-marketing tree.

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