The ‘New’ Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel Website

01 July 2015

We don’t often share single website launches but in this instance there is a degree of history behind it which speaks to a return on investment not normally associated with websites.

Along with the initial multi-million dollar rebuild of the resort, Propeller designed and built the original Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel website in 2007. A small-scale re-work was conducted in 2013 to make the website mobile-friendly whilst retaining most of the original design.

In 2015 however, the Hotel decided that a full makeover was due and the opportunity was taken to institute a completely new responsive design.

The re-worked website retains its original Textpattern CMS and most of the content – drastically reducing the time and cost involved of completely re-building from the ground up and migrating content.

That this website, live since 2007, has had new life breathed into it, preparing it for years of additional service, reflects the long-term value of Propeller’s web-standards and best-practice, long-game approach to development and customer service.

“Just in case I haven’t said it enough – we are so impressed by the new website – thank you so much for the time and effort you have put into it. You really listened to what we wanted even though we couldn’t put it into words” Sarah LeBherz, Accommodation Manager, Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel | Spa Resort

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