Stradbroke Island Events

27 October 2011
Stradbroke Island Events

Only one-hours ferry trip from Brisbane, North Stradbroke Island is a stunning destination, rich in wildlife and incredible natural scenery. It comes as no surprise then that Straddie as it is affectionately known by the locals is a prime destination to hold events; proposals, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate retreats…

Straddie local Donna Shannon’s family have been involved with the island since the 1940’s so when Donna noticed an opening in the market for event planning, hire and management, it was a natural fit.

Aware of work Propeller have produced for other Stradbroke Island based businesses, Donna was keen to work with us not only to develop a logo and branding for her new business but also to develop a new standard-setting website.

Several months in the making, today sees the launch of, one of our most beautiful and technically progressive websites yet.

With a wealth of superb photography and video to work with, we set about creating a contemporary design, weaving sumptuous section-specific, big-background images with semi-opaque content panes and traditional typography to set the mood.

Users can view a fantastic video featuring a recent bridal photo shoot or hop on over to the iPhone & iPad compatible gallery to scope out possible locations or venues for their event or simply enjoy some stunning scenic shots.

A full listing of Stradbroke Island Events’ services is detailed along with a complete directory of hire items. To make life as simple as possible, Donna has also provided a directory of Service Providers – just dial through to find the perfect Photographer, Celebrant, Hair Stylist or book yourself a vintage MG or open-top sportscar for your stay…

Full instructions on how to get to North Stradbroke Island are provided along with links to transport operators whilst a pop-up Google Map lets users get directions.

Donna will feature events and island goings-on in her blog or links are provided for Stradbroke Island Events’ Facebook page and YouTube channel.

For the techies out there, Stradbroke Island Events is built on the open-source Textpattern CMS, coded to XHTML Strict 1.0 and utilises CSS2.1 in addition to certain CSS3 features.

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