New iPhone App for PropellerMail

20 May 2014

For quite some time you’ve been able to view your PropellerMail campaign activity via a web app but today we’re announcing that PropellerMail is fully compatible with the all-new free Metrics iPhone app.

iOS app

Whilst the previous web-app allowed you to vie your basic campaign metrics, the new Metrics app gives you real-time campaign and subscriber reporting in your pocket, so you can keep in touch with what’s happening in your account when you’re on-the-go.

At a glance you can see who is joining your lists and where they’re from, check in on a recently sent campaign or watch one in real-time with a new mobile version of Worldview. If you thought it was addictive watching pins drop on Worldview as people interact with your campaigns, wait until you’re looking at real-time activity and Worldview in the palm of your hand.

Live Activity

Track how your email campaigns perform in real-time, from anywhere.

Manage Subscribers’

See how your lists are growing, how they’re performing month-to-month, and add subscribers on-the-go.

Know Your Audience

Get to know the people joining your lists, as it happens, with fullscreen subscriber views complete with location data.

Simply download the app and login to your account as usual.

An Android™ version of Metrics is in development and we hope it will be available shortly.

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