Monthly PropellerMail Plans Now Available

23 September 2013

Since we launched PropellerMail in 2006 we have kept our pricing as simple and transparent as possible. In contrast to other offerings in the market over this time the majority of our customers have preferred our pay-as-you-go option.

Email marketing has evolved greatly however and our clients are no longer just sending the occasional mailblast. Today our customers are using PropellerMail not only to send large-scale all-client newsletters but also smaller, more frequent and sophisticated, targeted campaigns to specific segments of their clientele. In these instances paying a per-campaign fee can become prohibitive and when we discussed this with our senders the overwhelming response was that the only thing holding them back from sending more frequent campaigns was the cost.

Monthly Plans

Now, with monthly PropellerMail plans you can access a choice of plans with generous sending limits or for a small fee increase we also offer completely unlimited sending plans. Clients who have switched to monthly plans are enjoying the freedom and sending 5-6 campaigns in a month for the same cost as they previously paid for one.

Our standard monthly plans are tailored to your needs with pricing and send limits based on the total number of subscribers listed in your account whilst our unlimited plans are also priced based on the number of subscribers in your account but have no sending limits.

Try Something New

With no per-campaign processing fees, we‘€™re really looking forward to seeing you all try a few things with your campaigns. If you haven‘€™t already, it might be time to start segmenting your subscribers based on their interests or past campaign behaviour. Combine this with A/B testing and some targeted (and now free) autoresponders and your subscribers will thank you for it.

Are Monthly Plans right for me?

Monthly plans are of most benefit to customers who want to consistently send more than one campaign per month, whether it be several large campaigns or numerous daily or weekly targeted campaigns. If you are unlikely to send more than one campaign per month or are sporadic with your campaigns our pay-as-you-go option will remain your best choice.

Are Monthly Plans available to Customers on Invoice?

Unfortunately at this stage we are unable to offer monthly PropellerMail plans to customers who prefer to be invoiced rather than pay online by credit card.

Start Sending More Today!

If you think that a monthly PropellerMail plan is right for you then email us or call on 07 3245 7776 and we’ll get you switched over right away.

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