Lamplighter - shining a light on your website

26 March 2014

LamplighterPropeller introduced monthly maintenance plans in the second half of 2013 providing backup, upgrade and priority technical support for Propeller website owners. Following a trial period we have now added Lamplighter support to the list of features included in ExpressionEngine maintenance at no additional cost.

What is Lamplighter?

Lamplighter is a fully-integrated service which provides us with an overview of your websites’ general health and wellbeing. Currently Lamplighter provides us with a 24×7 view of the following:

  • Server uptime
  • CMS Build and Add-on version status
  • Google Analytics overview
  • Site PageSpeed

Lamplighter also provides us with a daily report detailing analytics basics such as site visits, views and bounces in addition to the status of installed add-ons and server uptime. Additionally, should your server uptime fall below 95% Lamplighter will notify us immediately.

Having this kind of information at our fingertips gives us direct feedback on what needs updating, what is or isnt working with your website and where we can improve things. The best thing about Lamplighter integration is that we are now including this as a standard feature of our ExpressionEngine monthly maintenance plans at no additional cost to you.

*At this stage Lamplighter is only available for ExpressionEngine 2 and CraftCMS based websites.

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