Getting Vocal about the Vocal Manoeuvres Academy

21 November 2017

The Vocal Manoeuvres Academy (VMA), are the 'go-to' academy for singers of all levels who want a peak level of vocal and choral ensemble training, coaching and conditioning.  The academy offers private tuition, a range of professional choral ensembles, workshops, and professional performance and development opportunities for students of all ages.

The Vocal Manoeuvres Academy is led by the exceptionally talented and visionary Director, Alison Rogers, who not only directs the myriad programs and ensembles offered by the Academy, but also coordinates vocalists and massed choir performances for the State Government Creative Generation State Schools Onstage program, the Lord Mayor's Christmas Carols and events such as the Rugby League World Cup Series. Having been chorusmaster for national performances of works such as Beethoven's Symphony Number 9, Havergal Brian's Symphony Number 1 (The infamous Gothic Symphony), Mahler Symphony Number 2 & 8 and Britten's War Requiem in addition to working with artists such as Michael Buble, Mariah Carey, Nick Cave, Mirusia and Neil and Tim Finn; Alison has certainly proven her mettle in an extremely tough industry.

It is Alison's belief that everyone has their own unique voice and that there are melodies in each one of us and her vision with the Vocal Manoeuvres Academy is to empower and elicit the authentic voice of each and every person she comes into contact with and harmonise it within the virtuosic symphony of humanity... it's powerful stuff and we are inspired by her passion and enthusiasm!

Alison Rogers conducting during a performance

The Propeller team have worked with The Vocal Manoeuvres Academy for a number of years producing marketing materials for the academy programs, ensembles and events. This year however marked a turning point which has seen a powerful partnership emerge.

Starting with the launch of the amazing new Vocal Manoeuvres Academy website in May, Propeller have also been working with the Vocal Manoeuvres Academy to give voice to their consdierable achievements through social media and digital marketing, print media and public relations and the results have been exciting.

So what do we actually do and how does it work?

The Vocal Manoeuvres Academy were one of our first Marketing Mojo clients, providing them with access to all our services including graphic design, web, email marketing, social media and digital marketing, copy writing and public relations, all of which enables us to work strategically and maintain consistency. 

With weekly phone meetings with Alison and her team to keep things on track, we write press releases and content for the website and social media, plan campaigns, create graphics, flyers, concert programs and posters, monitor web traffic, trends and social media engagement. We have also attended events and provided photography for use on the VMA blog and other promotional activities.

We have developed a series of 'Chorister Profile' articles to promote the successes of the Academy's vocalists, conducted interviews with leading industry professionals, and written technical articles which help to position the Vocal Manoeuvres Academy as the leaders in their field.

What we love so much about working with Alison and the Vocal Manoeuvres Academy is their enthusiasm and that they really work with us to use the program to it's best advantage. This does mean extra work for the VMA team in providing us with the information we need and making time to answer our endless questions, but it's fantastic because they are reaping the rewards with great results!

So what are the results?

The Vocal Manoeuvres Academy are hitting all the right notes across their social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn including significant increases in page views, reach, likes and engagements across the board.

From the launch of the new website, we were able to quickly develop a significant amount of traffic (over 8000 page views in recent months) with a wide variety of news articles, mostly originating from social media and organic search with figures showing that users are visiting multiple pages per visit and spending considerable time on the website.

In addition they have received great coverage in local press media on a range of achievements.

All in all, it is a very pleasing result for 6 months of work that has seen the Vocal Manoeuvres Academy gain a lot of traction. We look forward to working with Vocal Manoeuvres Academy to bring their exciting developments to a wider audience throughout 2018.

So what can you do for us?

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