Exact Print

13 September 2011
Exact Print

Propeller have worked with Exact Print – formerly Shabrokh Printing – for over 5 years. In that time, we’ve found their customer service to be unmatched and their product superb. As graphic designers, we need to know that our printer wont let us down with often time-sensitive client work. Additionally, a printer who has the technical know-how and willingness to assist us in resolving occasional vexing issues with colour management etc, is frankly, invaluable. A lot of printers could learn a great deal from Exact Print in this regard.

Exact Print recently approached us to create a small, simple website for them to demonstrate their wares and increase their online presence. We settled on a simple, high contrast, white on black theme to highlight their sample imagery and colourful logo. All print samples throughout the website can be enlarged for a larger view. We’ve employed Typekit to free us from the limitation of installed web fonts – choosing Myriad Pro to gel with Exact Print’s modern logo and the websites’ sharp image.

To lighten the load and speed the website up, we’ve employed some CSS3 tricks to produce the subtle gradients and flash-like transitions. We’ve provided fallback images for browsers not currently supporting these properties.

The Exact Print website is built on the open-source Textpattern CMS, coded to XHTML Strict 1.0 and utilises CSS2.1+ for layout and styling.

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