Camp n’ Travel

10 May 2010
Camp n' Travel

With over 1067 SKU’s, Camp n’ Travel represents one of Australia’s largest and most comprehensive online stores for all of your outdoor requirements.

‘More than just a Camping Store’; Camp n’ Travel incorporates several blogs, featuring recipes, events & festivals, campfire stories and safety & first aid information to keep you safe in the great outdoors. If you like to daydream about your next camping trip, visit ‘View Finder’ and enjoy some amazing photography from other adventurers travels.

Camp n’ Travel has been carried through from conception to launch by Propeller; starting with the company name and logo development, Propeller developed this epic online store on the Shopify hosted e-commerce application.

Although Camp n’ Travel is a huge online store, our usual attention to detail has been maintained with validating to XHTML Strict 1.0 and employing CSS2.1 for layout and styling.

Innovative javascript allows ‘one-page-shopping’ by presenting product details, variations and quantities for selection in a modal window; saving the usual back and forth between pages. Additionally, items added to cart are displayed at the bottom of the browser window for quick reference without visiting the main cart page.

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