Automate your PropellerMail Campaigns with RSS to Email

08 May 2012

Most Propeller websites are launching with Blogs these days in order to keep website visitors up to date in addition to the search optimisation benefits that come from keeping your website fresh and up to date with relevant content.

Whilst Blogs are great, you are relying entirely on people finding or re-visiting your website to access the content. PropellerMail provides a simple solution to this, allowing you to communicate with your clients and prospective customers directly. Whilst PropellerMail is easy to use, often businesses find it difficult to get around to sending out their newsletters, us included…

We have a solution

If your website has a Blog with an RSS feed (All Propeller-built websites will have RSS enabled blogs), PropellerMail can now automatically grab your new articles and send them out to your subscribers whenever you update your site or blog. You can now ensure that your content is pushed out to your subscribers without that guilty feeling that its been too long since your last newsletter…

Automating your campaigns this way is straightforward though you may need to have us upgrade your templates to use the new feature.

New features. Same great price

Thats right, whether you are a Pay As You Go PropellerMail user or on a Monthly Plan, you’ll pay exactly the same rate for using the new RSS-to-email feature.

Add RSS-to-email to flexible scheduling, customised templates, social media integration and our elegant reporting; PropellerMail is improving all the time.

If you would like to open a new PropellerMail account or have your current custom templates upgraded, please email us or call today on 07 3245 7776. We’d Love to hear from you.

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