The Viral Marketing Effect

e-marketer reports that of all word-of-mouth (WOM) tactics, viral marketing has probably drawn the most attention from marketers. And they have lofty goals for it. According to a 2006 study by JupiterResearch, cited in Internet Retailer, the biggest goal of viral marketers was to increase brand awareness (71%). Half also expected to drive online sales, and 44% hoped to drive offline sales.

11 July 2007

The Business Case for Web Standards

As a web standards compliant developer we at Propeller can outline numerous major advantages in building websites which are compliant to current web standards. Accessibility, Search Engine Optimisation, Ease of Expansion and Future Proofing to name but a few. There are a whole host of business benefits in using web standards though if our client doesn’t understand the technology or the basis for the arguments, it can be a difficult message to communicate.

20 June 2007

How to hire the best people you’ve ever worked with

For many small businesses there comes a point when you have to decide; employ or outsource? For some businesses outsourcing may not be an option. In a lot of instances, particularly with the small to medium sector, proprietors may never have had the experience of interviewing and hiring employees. How you proceed at this juncture can make or break a small business.

18 June 2007

Email Newsletters Are the Preferred Information Source for Small and Medium Businesses

If you are targeting small to medium businesses, a recent survey entitled Optimizing Email Newsletters for Small/Medium Businesses has some useful information for you.

According to the study of over 300 executives, email newsletters rank highly as sources of information, beating out websites and blogs, and matching print media for importance. A weekly or monthly newsletter was the preferred frequency, and ‘how to’ and product information the top content areas requested.

08 June 2007

Australian Marine Conservation Society

As part of Propeller’s ongoing commitment to the community and environment, we undertake a select number of projects on a pro-bono basis. The Australian Marine Conservation Society is an independent, not-for-profit organisation who act as “a voice for Australia’s coasts and oceans”, and work with local communities to protect ocean life and the habitats they call home.

30 May 2007

When the Going Gets Tough -€“ The Tough Get Marketing!

Every business has its ups and downs. Some are controlled by the economy, others by a myriad of other reasons.

The dilemma we face when times are harder, is how we continue to market our products or services without the financial resources of the "good" times? Some companies reduce their staff, others slash their marketing budgets, many choose to do both. So what’s left?

30 August 2006

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